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July 13, 2023

What's New

Custom Pages & Menus

Create your own custom pages filled with context specific content and then add them to your header or “More” menus.

When you create a custom page, just like with catalogs, you can optionally add your own category filter. Once you add rows to your custom page, the catalogs on your page will be filtered down further by the categories you have set on your page. After you create a new page, you can then add it to your OTT app’s header menu or a “More” dropdown menu that displays at the end of your header.


  • Custom Pages
  • Menus: Define which custom pages to show in your web application’s header and which to show in a “More” menu.


  • Manage Admin Users
  • Explore: Browse or search for content on this page by recently added, live & upcoming events, and available on-demand.
  • Manage Profile: Manage your profile on the OTT web app.
  • Live Now: View currently live events in the header from anywhere in the OTT web app, or see currently live events in a row right at the top of your homepage.
  • Gated Content: Put up registration or paywalls that are enforced on your OTT web app.
  • My Library: Browse favorited content that you added to your watchlist, or on-demand content that you’ve purchased.
  • Features of the OTT Frontend will be rolled out over time, but we will start by rolling out the homepage.
  • Sub-Products: Add one or many sub-products under your recurring products if you want your recurring product to provide access to the same content as other products. For example:
  • A Nature Pay-Per-View one-time product is setup to be $4.99 one-time to purchase and watch a nature video. You then set up a Nature+ recurring product for $4.99/mo and you want the subscription to give users access to all your nature videos including those that are pay-per-view. To do this, you would set Nature Pay-Per-View as a sub-product of Nature+.
  • Automated Media Rows: Configure where certain automated rows will display on your OTT application, such as:
  • “Recent”
  • “Upcoming”
  • “Keep Watching”
  • “New”
  • Custom Page Hero Images
Colin Hooper

Leader of product strategy at Viewcastle, driving high-quality outcomes, and fostering excellence and value.

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